The “art” of illARTech

Welcome to my gallery

I’m honored to have you here, truly. These works are ones I’ve made over a my many years of expressing my creativity privately.

Only recently have I been encouraged by other artists to share these openly. Whilst the pieces are only a small part of what I have created in my 30+ years of exploring various mediums I grateful to be able to share them with you.

Northport Winter Watercolor Painting
Northport Winter

The grand jelly frog exploration

Jelly Frog - Pool Party
The Pool Party
JellyFrog Mosaic Tiles
JellyFrog Mosaic Tiles
Jelly Frog - Deep End
Jelly Frog - Deep End
Jelly Frog Rasta
Jelly Frog - Rasta
Jelly Frog Painted
Jelly Frog - Splatter Painted
Abstract Octopus
Blending in is its way
Manhattan Solstice
Bonzai Beta Fish
The Bonzai Beta Fish
Bonsai Beta
Bonsai Beta Splattered
The Shellephant
The Shellephant
Soaking in the sun-rays